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It's an expansion of awareness that radically reorients how you perceive reality.

Moving you out of the perception that life is happening to you, into the realization that life is happening for you, through you — because of you.

It's the rewriting of your own story as a willing, active participant in your own conscious evolution journey.

It's the understanding that you are not the sum of your experiences — you are the presence and consciousness that is evolving through them.

Vertically Experienced is the realization that those experiences are both the key and the catalyst to your exponential growth and transformation.

Vertically Experienced is the evolutionary journey upward by way of the individual journey inward.


meet the team

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Andrew is a professional coach, consultant, awakening facilitator and energy guide.  For the last 12 years, Andrew has been helping people and organizations re-build internal and external systems to transform their visions of the future into realized realities.


Andrew’s coaching approach is focused on empowering others to harness their own psychological energy, breakdown limited beliefs, and align with the highest version of themselves. The goal of Andrew's coaching is to be a calming presence and supportive guide to those on their awakening journey back to Self, as they reconnect with their deep seated potential encoded within their soul.


Brittany is an awakening artist, spiritual guide, transformation coach and intuitive visionary. Over the past 17 years, Brittany developed her own self-healing & soul expansion process while navigating her own awakening journey. This process serves as the foundational methodology for Vertically Experienced.


Her coaching approach is centered on relentless self-love, radical self-honesty, and a genuine commitment to one’s own conscious evolution through deep inner work. The goal of her coaching is focused on guiding others back to the most authentic, loving version of themselves, and helping individuals access their innate intuitive and psychic power to co-create reality with the universe.