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Awakening Series

For those committed to going deeper into their Awakening [3 - 1.5 hour sessions | 9 hours total]

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 900 US dollars

Service Description

Structure of Sessions: 3 - 90 minute sessions with the Coach of your choice. 1 - 90 minute session every 2 weeks. Payment is due up front. Subsequent sessions will be scheduled following the first session. Awakening is a universal process that is happening within all of us. Conscious Awakening is the moment within where you the individual choose to become an active participant in this journey. These sessions are designed for seekers that have reached that moment within this sacred process, are committed to going deeper in their Awakening journey, and are looking for a guide to help navigate the path towards mastery. These sessions are tailored around you, your path, your why, your intentions, and focused on the aspects of the Awakening path where you are looking for support and guidance. These sessions are intended to support individuals working through any of the concepts identified for the individual sessions, in addition to the following concepts: * Reprogramming and overcoming self-limiting beliefs * Learning to embrace and apply the practices of radical self-honesty, radical self-love, and radical self acceptance * Understanding the root cause of what you are experiencing to move from relief to resolution * Helping you gain clarity with where you are now and where you want to go * Empowering you with the tools and mindsets that will support you throughout your Awakening journey * Creating a vision and connecting with the vibration of your highest potential * Diving deep into the process of conscious co-creation with the universe * The process of self-realization, self-actualization, and self-mastery * Navigating your life purpose and soul mission * Doing the inner work, accepting your shadow self and embracing your true authentic nature * Healing the fragments of yourself and moving into reunification of self * Learning how to cultivate internal happiness, bliss, fulfillment, gratitude, and liberation

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