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Couples Awakening

For couples on the journey of Awakening together. [6 - 1.5 hour sessions | 9 hours total]

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 3,000 US dollars

Service Description

Structure of Sessions: * 6 Sessions * 2 - 90 minute couple to couple sessions * 4 individual 90 minute sessions (Andrew & Brittany will have a session with each partner). Payment is due up front. Subsequent sessions will be scheduled following the first session. As a couple who has gone through this Awakening journey together, embracing the awakening path with your spouse or partner can accelerate the experience for both people. You are each having your own individual Awakening journey, while simultaneously experiencing the divine union of a shared journey together. You can only love another to degree that which you love yourself and awakening together is this unique invitation from the universe to radically love and accept yourself and in turn love and accept your partner at a soul level. Awakening together is this beautiful opportunity to cultivate the space to consciously create a new life together of your own design from this ever-evolving awakened state of being. These sessions are designed for couples and are focused on their following situations and concepts: * Couples that are each on their own individual awakening journeys, while learning how to navigate their shared awakening experience as a couple * Couples where one partner is on their Awakening journey, but the other partner is at a different stage of their awakening and learning how that affects relationship dynamics * Being truly present with one another, practicing mindfulness and conscious communication * Learning to embrace and apply the practices of radical self-honesty, radical self-love, and radical self acceptance both within yourself and within your relationship * Doing the inner work, processing your emotions and finding alignment within yourself in order to meet each other at the same place vibrationally * Understanding your partner’s trauma, triggers, and how to create space for each person to express without judgment * Having hard conversations about topics that you would prefer to avoid because you think it would be easier that way * Developing a vision of your life together from an awakened state of being * Learning how to support your partner on their healing journey * We teach you tools and techniques to learn how to be a guide to help facilitate each other’s Awakening journey * Helping each other become aware of and break ancestral patterns and cycles * Breaking out of old cycles and unconscious habits to live more consciously and intentionally

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