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Navigating Awakening

Ongoing support for those navigating their Awakening [6 - 1.5 hour sessions | 9 hours total]

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 1,800 US dollars

Service Description

Structure of Sessions: 6 - 90 minute sessions with the Coach of your choice. 1 - 90 minute session every 2 weeks for 3 months. Payment is due up front. Subsequent sessions will be scheduled following the first session. As we awaken, our awareness expands. In some areas of our life, this expansion of awareness occurs exponentially and in other areas of life it occurs incrementally. As we create space within ourselves of non-judgment, self-love, & self-acceptance, what was once dormant and unseen rises to the surface to be seen, loved, accepted, transmuted, integrated, and released. It is during this process that we become aware to the reality of the external world, unconscious habits, hidden thought patterns, underlying limited beliefs, emotional attachments to the past, unconscious cycles, familial cycles and trauma, and any aspect of our lives that we are holding onto that is no longer serving our conscious evolution and internal healing process. Awakening is asking unto begin to live more intentionally, express more authentically, and take ownership of our healing journey. At times this process can feel overwhelming as we are quite literally rearranging every aspect of our life into a greater form of alignment that resonates with our soul. This process is about tuning in to your energy, understanding your needs, reconnecting with your intuition, trusting your own discernment, and finding your pace as you learn to navigate the shifts and changes that arise during your Awakening. These sessions are designed for individuals who are looking to meet at regular intervals on an ongoing basis to navigate their Awakening journey, focused on the renewal of your inner light. These sessions are tailored around you, your path, and focused on the aspects of the Awakening journey where you are looking for support and guidance, including: * Navigating the dissolve of the matrix, the illusion, and the chaos of world events * Integration and learning how to merge the massive shifts created by your Awakening into your life * The Art of letting go, transmuting and releasing what is no longer serving you * Developing a self-love practice * Creating a vision and diving deep into the process of conscious co-creation with the universe * The process of self-realization, self-actualization, and self-mastery * Doing the inner work and moving into reunification of self * Embracing the aspects of yourself that are continually emerging through internal death and rebirth

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