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We are living in unprecedented times, where we are discovering that reality is not as we have assumed it to be. The world as we have believed it to be is dissolving right before our very eyes.  The nature of the information being disclosed is requiring all of us to re-calibrate our perception and seek the truth, as we all wake up from this elaborate illusion that has been constructed for our consumption.  We are seeing chaos play out in the external world and this unfolding of events has a direct impact on our own internal reality.

Often when our awakening begins, we have no idea that awakening is what is taking place. We simply feel all of the internal volatility,  yet we cannot easily find the words to articulate what is happening within our experience. Life can feel like things are falling apart or unraveling at the seams. It is easy to feel lost and confused as we do not have the broader perspective that there is a divine order directing the chaos that is unfolding. Because of this, life and reality can frequently feel as though they are spiraling out of control. Your emotions become more intense, and your subconscious thoughts often begin to take over, permeating your conscious mind.  Electrified surges of energy seem to arise unprompted within you, flowing throughout your entire body, revealing any misalignment between your body, mind, and spirit. All of this can create an internal unease, underlying anxiety, and ongoing stress based on how you are translating these experiences.

The process of awakening, is a just that, a process. It is a process of waking up -- becoming conscious to that which was previously hidden within the depths of the collective unconscious and individual subconscious mind. Awakening is an activation, a spark, that ignites a fire deep within you and reengages you with life itself. It radically reorients our focus, bringing us into the present moment and back to the ground of our own being. It seeks to reconnect us to our true self, bringing us face to face with our purpose. It opens our eyes to the symbiotic relationship between our internal reality and the external world. It triggers an expansion of awareness that drastically shifts how you perceive reality. Awakening brings forward from within ourselves that which we are all seeking: alignment, clarity, truth, authenticity, healing, resolve, love and abundance - the essence of our very nature.

Ultimately, this seemingly spontaneous process is happening for your benefit. However, it can at many points in the process, feel quite overwhelming to navigate.  Awakening is often a chaotic, messy, and life-altering process, as your entire perception of reality, the outside world, and your own self-identity begin shifting on a daily basis towards realignment. Awakening impacts every single area of your life and asks you to reexamine your relationship to people, work, money, time, spirituality, meaning, and everything in between. Unbeknownst to many, awakening is a sacred process that is prompting you to shift into an elevated state of consciousness that is in more alignment with that of your Higher Self, with who you truly are, beyond the social conditioning, beyond any worldly beliefs and assumed labels that most of us have embraced our entire lives.

Navigating your way through the external breakdown of reality to reclaim a sense of clarity within requires a perspective shift and shedding of all false beliefs. It requires a releasing of deeply entrenched beliefs about the world, stories we tell ourselves, unconscious cycles, mental & emotional attachments, labels, programming, assumptions, and old paradigms that no longer serve your evolution as a human being. It is an inward journey that requires you to take full ownership of everything that constitutes your current reality, embracing and honoring all of it, in order to step into your purpose as the powerful creator that you came here to be.

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