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It is our mission to support, guide, and empower others to navigate their own journey of awakening, personal evolution, transformation, and expansion.

It is our intention to provide the spiritual, emotional, psychological and internal tools to connect you back to the truest, highest, most authentic version of your Self. Vertically Experienced exists as a pathway to rediscover your purpose, reclaim your power, and realize your unlimited potential.

Our team


Vertically Experienced Coach

Andrew is a professional coach, consultant, awakening facilitator and energy guide.  For the last 11 years, Andrew has been helping people and organizations re-build internal and external systems to transform their visions of the future into realized realities. This leveling up process requires a clear understanding of what is holding you back, a clarity of vision, and a genuine desire to make a meaningful change in your life.

"How we experience change as a person or as a collective is directly dependent on our mindset and ability to make a cognitive shift. With a specific focus on self-awareness and empowerment, I coach people to create and nurture the mindset and internal systems that embrace change as a catalyst for growth."

In 2018, Andrew decided to pursue his dream of living in Europe by pressing the ejection seat on his current life. He quit his job of 10 years and moved to Berlin, Germany with his wife, Brittany. When he arrived, he was ghosted from his only job opportunity at the last step of the hiring process. With no job and no plan on how to earn a living in a different country, where he didn’t speak the language, he felt as if he were free-falling without a parachute. This moment opened his eyes to how deeply his identity had been tied to his profession. He realized he could not truly answer the question of who he was. It was during this time that Andrew would experience the depths of his own spiritual awakening. This led him down a path of deep self inquiry and self-discovery, surfacing suppressed emotional trauma and self-limiting belief systems that he had to feel and transform through in order to be the person he came here to be.

It was during this time that Andrew began searching for his true identity. “How can you achieve your full potential, if you don’t know who and what you are at your very core? I felt like I was baking a cake, but the ingredients were in a different language and I wasn’t sure what each ingredient was there for in the first place.” The internal pressure, psychological self-criticism, and inner guilt for perceived past transgressions overwhelmed him to a point where he was unable to actualize the best version of himself.

It was at this point that Andrew finally opened himself up to looking at the things he had been suppressing and committed himself to deep healing and internal shadow work deep in his subconscious mind. The process was nothing less than transformational. As he allowed past memories, emotions, and events to rise to the surface, he realized how deeply he had been rejecting their existence, and in turn rejecting aspects of himself. It was during this process that Andrew also began to experience a rapid expansion of his own inner awareness, his own inner beingness, his own Higher Self. It was a version of him that had returned, and at the same time never left.

Andrew’s path to Self was a path of radical self-acceptance as he learned to deeply embrace the vulnerable aspects of himself he had abandoned. “It’s as if you are being stripped bare, seeing everything that you are, exactly as you are, and loving everything that you see. For me, that was my journey and no matter how much love I thought I had for myself, it always required more.”

Throughout his own journey, Andrew has spent time developing internal systems to help people heal their mind, overcome personal destructive behavior, expand their awareness, and find their connection to their true Self within.

Andrew’s coaching approach is focused on empowering others to harness their own psychological energy, breakdown limited beliefs, and align with the highest version of themselves. The goal of Andrew's coaching is to be a calming presence and supportive guide to those on their awakening journey back to Self, as they reconnect with their deep seated potential encoded within their soul.

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Vertically Experienced Coach

Brittany is an awakening artist, spiritual guide, transformation coach and gifted intuitive. Over the past 17 years, Brittany developed her own self-healing & soul expansion practice in order to navigate her awakening journey. This practice serves as the foundational methodology for Vertically Experienced.

Even from a young age, Brittany has been highly sensitive to the thoughts, emotions, and energy of others. She spent years of her life being unaware of these gifts, only experiencing their affects by unconsciously absorbing the projections and unhealed trauma of others. Brittany is an empath and was not only experiencing her own trauma, but taking on the trauma and unresolved emotions of others as her own. These gifts felt like a curse and had her questioning herself, her purpose, and her very existence. 

It has taken many years of highly committed inner work for Brittany to heal and make the decision to exit the ancestral and familial cycles of unresolved trauma. The catalyst that changed the trajectory of her path was her Spiritual Awakening. In her darkest moment, when she felt the most lost and abandoned, she felt an emerging presence where there had previously been absence. It was this presence, God, the universe, your Higher Self, pure awareness, love, however you prefer to label it, that began to permeate her life. She realized this energy was within her all along. It was a space within herself, beyond the body, beyond the mind, that she could always rest into for peace, calm, and clarity.

Over time, Brittany realized this was presence was the truest, most authentic version of herself. It was who she was beyond the emotional trauma, beyond the psychological abuse, beyond what others conditioned her to believe about herself, and beyond even what her mind told her about who she was. It was the ground of her own being and it felt like home.

This was not the end, but only the beginning. It was from this perspective, where she realized she was not the sum of her experiences, but the presence and consciousness evolving through them. Even more, she realized had the tools to heal herself, empower herself, and redefine her future on her terms.

Brittany has spent the last 10 years of her life unlearning social conditioning and building internal systems that are designed to help individuals facilitate their own inner healing, find their own inner power, love their own inner child, and dissolve their ego in the presence of their higher self.

Her coaching approach is centered on relentless self-love, radical self-honesty, and a genuine a commitment to one’s conscious evolution through deep inner work. The goal of her coaching is focused on guiding others back to the most authentic, loving version of themselves.

“Awakening is this profound experience that changes your very perception of reality and the trajectory of the journey that is your life. When I truly needed perspective and guidance, I turned to a spiritual coach that resonated with my soul who helped me navigate the path back to myself. I am genuinely honored to be able to stand in the same place now and help others along their own awakening journey.”

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