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Vertically Experienced was initially birthed from a vision in a dream about how we were to use all of the shit that was happening in our own lives, through our awakening, to transform ourselves from the inside out. It was a sacred initiation process that we were led through in our own awakening journeys.

At first this was a process we developed simply out of necessity in order to survive and live a productive life. Gradually, we started to realize that we were developing mental, emotional, and energetic systems that were helping us to consciously grow and evolve at both a soul and human level.
Prior to our awakening, life felt as though everything that occurred was just happening to us. We felt trapped like victims in our circumstances. It felt like the world was working against us, God wasn’t helping, and nothing was transpiring according to our expectations or our timing.

As we began doing this deep “internal work" on a regular basis, we realized that our entire existence on this Earth was not simply a bi-product of some random reality generator known as 'Life'.  In order for our reality to change, our perception and our beliefs about reality had to change. It is often said that perception is reality.  As we began to embrace this sentiment along our path, we realized that this statement is not simply a cliche, but rather a revealing of the true nature of experience.

So being the curious explorers that we are, we began seeking internally for more clarity, asking deeper questions as to better understand: What is creating our perception of reality and how do we shift our belief systems to create an entirely new reality based on our own conscious design?

It was at this point in the journey where our conscious awakening began. It was the moment within ourselves where we consciously chose to become an active participant in our journey. We chose to seek a deeper understanding of reality, and to be open to truths previously concealed within our unconscious. We made the conscious choice to open ourselves up to spirit, to God, to the Universe, to our intuition….whatever you want to call it…allowing its presence to permeate our life and our understanding of our existence. This process required a radical dismantling of all our core belief systems, mental paradigms, unconscious assumptions, and distortions about life, God, reality, and everything in between. Embracing this path took us deep into the recesses within ourselves, sparking an awareness that that would bring about realities that were driven by the deepest desires of our heart and encoded in our soul.

Vertically Experienced are the words that we’re choosing to describe the experience that we're having. It is our translation of how to heal and consciously co-create with the universe, based on our own research, experimentation and personal experiences. Over time, we have consciously organized a foundational framework of energetic perspectives, mindsets, tools and approaches that became our own ever-evolving personal methodology, self-therapy, and soul expansion process that we wanted to share with others on their own awakening journey.
Vertically Experienced is something we live and refine every day. It is our way of life. And the guiding principle of that way of life is that you are your own best guide. You are your own guru. There is no one that knows what you need, what decisions you need to make, which path you should take, better than you.

It is our intention to help you learn to navigate the internal shifts of awakening to guide yourself, back to yourself.


For us, this is what it means to be Vertically Experienced.

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